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Adapts to any device, looking great for all your audience.

Our work comes from our motivation to create inspiring products to our clients.

Attractive designs with a solid engine inside. A nice looking design built with high performance technology inside.

While working, we focus our time on delivering the best solution for our clients requirements. Combining our experience and agile development methodologies, allow us to dedicate more time on development and improvement and less on meetings and documentation.

We started on 2012 and we continue to create web sites, android apps, iphone apps, web applications with ruby on rails and ranking websites.


Sabri Bruni

I started coding in Basic when I was a child with a Commodore Plus/4 my parents won at a raffle they participated. I liked that and I felt comfortable writing words that later on would have been drawing shapes on my screen. Thus I studied Computer Science and I discovered my passion for its scientific code-free side, problem solving strategies and software development. Later on I started working, enjoying how translate real life problems into a machine-readable language and constantly learning new ways to do it and its tools. I refined my skills aiming for a clever design and a well-written code trying always to deliver elegant solutions where few pieces can perform complex tasks in a simple way and leaving a wide open door for further developments.

I worked at various firms (Acciona, Carrefour and Toprural being some of them) using J2EE as my primary platform along with MySQL, Hibernate, Lucene, Stripes, Maven, Jquery, Amazon S3, EC2, Rails and some other framework or language and using Scrum as methodology.

In 2011 I started to work as a freelancer and I started using Ruby on Rails deploying its services in the cloud with AppFog, DotCloud and Openshift and working with Android and all technologies related to it (Java, Gradle, JSON, ...).

Diogo Henriques

On 2004 I got my degree on Management and Computer science at ISCTE. I moved to Madrid where I started to work wih J2EE, MySQL and Struts. On my next job at Top Rural, I worked with Java, Hibernate, Stripes, Lucene,Maven, and JQuery for 3 and half years.

By September 2011 I started to work as freelancer on Internet Marketing, doing product promotion and search engine optimization.

Beginning of 2014 I start my first web design project.

Presently my work is focused on SEO and web design.

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